I’m Aditi!

Embark on a chessboard of creativity and entrepreneurship. Welcome to my world!

I’m a middle school student with a passion for knowledge, making a difference, and the exciting world of business. Join me as I explore diverse subjects, engage in community initiatives, and embark on entrepreneurial endeavors.

Talents Unleashed

Public Speaking

Inspiring hearts, one word at a time – This is my goal. I want to inspire people around me, and show them that its never to late to try something new! Public Speaking allows me to learn new skills and speak like a confident person

A few achievements of mine

I secured the 2nd national position in an English Olympiad, won a few chess tournaments, clinched 3rd place in badminton, and earned recognition as my school’s most versatile student. These achievements reflect my commitment to exploring a variety of interests and pursuits.

0 Years

Experience in Indian Dance (Kuchipudi)

0 Years

Experience in Chess

0 Years

Experience in Indian Carnatic Music

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget the way you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Driven by Passion

Here, I take immense delight in three distinct areas of interest: Chess, my YouTube channel, and Entrepreneurology. Chess has been a game I personally enjoy longer than I can remember, my YouTube channel allows me to express my thoughts and insights on various trending topics, and Entrepreneurology fuels my passion for empowering aspiring young entrepreneurs to become successful woman leaders.


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